Reel Kingdom Review

It’s highly probable that you’ve encountered the cream of the crop in the realm of online slot games courtesy of Reel Kingdom. This dynamic studio frequently joins forces with the industry titan Pragmatic Play to craft an electrifying array of online slot titles, a collection so formidable that it often blurs the line between the two powerhouses, leaving players pleasantly perplexed.

Reel Kingdom, although a relative newcomer, wasted no time in forging a strategic alliance with its esteemed counterpart, Pragmatic Play. This symbiotic partnership has simplified the player’s journey, affording effortless access to a treasure trove of gaming gems within Reel Kingdom’s portfolio.

These digital wonders bear the mark of a dedicated team of professionals, boasting an impressive collective experience of over 150 years in the art of crafting games tailored for both the online gambling realm and the hallowed halls of land-based casinos. Their prowess in game development shines through in every pixel, ensuring an unrivaled gaming experience.

In the following exploration, we shall embark on a quest to unearth the fascinating origins of Reel Kingdom, delve deep into its most exquisite online slot creations, and celebrate its triumphs in shaping the future of digital entertainment. Join us on this odyssey of discovery!


Navigating the realm of Reel Kingdom can be akin to embarking on a quest through the annals of a well-kept secret, for this enigmatic game developer emerged on the scene a mere handful of years ago, in the cradle of Cardiff, Wales, in 2015. This nascent studio’s voyage into the gaming cosmos was expedited through a strategic alliance with the industry juggernaut Pragmatic Play, affording them an expansive canvas upon which to paint their creative visions and reach a global audience with their digital creations.

Inquiries often arise regarding the security and integrity of the games birthed from Reel Kingdom’s creative crucible. It’s important to note that all these digital marvels traverse the gaming landscape under the watchful umbrella of Pragmatic Play, thereby inheriting the robust safeguard of various online gambling licenses held by this industry titan.

Rest assured, the mantle of legitimacy and oversight is worn proudly by Reel Kingdom, as it operates under the protective aegis of the esteemed Malta Gaming Authority and the venerable UK Gambling Commission, two pillars of regulatory excellence that ensure a fair and secure gaming environment for players seeking a thrilling and trustworthy gaming experience.

Who Is Reel Kingdom?

Reel Kingdom, shrouded in a veil of mystery, emerges as a rising star in the realm of software game development, specializing in a captivating array of exceptional online slot titles. Behind the scenes, a cadre of seasoned professionals, whose combined expertise spans decades in both the online gambling and land-based casino domains, collaborates to craft these digital marvels.

While the company may be a newcomer to the industry, its roots delve deep into the rich soil of market knowledge. With a profound understanding of their chosen domain, Reel Kingdom’s online slot offerings exude an unmistakable air of uniqueness. They seamlessly blend captivating gameplay, alluring visual themes, and groundbreaking in-game features to curate a gaming experience like no other.

Interestingly, this enigmatic company shirks the traditional path of heavy-handed advertising and widespread online presence. It eschews participation in affiliate programs, preferring to let its collection of online slot gems take center stage, allowing the sheer brilliance of their creations to speak for itself. In a world of noise and clamor, Reel Kingdom’s games emerge as a silent but potent force, captivating players with their innovation and artistry.

Quick information

Founded: 2015

Headquarters: England

Games: 20

Reel Kingdom Licenses

Reel Kingdom operates via Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play is licensed and regulated by both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

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