Chicken Drop Slot Review


Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Chicken Drop, a fresh and captivating casino slot masterpiece crafted by the renowned Pragmatic Play. Venture into the heart of a bustling farm, whispered to be the realm of elusive golden eggs. Within this enchanting setting, typical of the game provider’s ingenuity, lies the potential to seize astounding rewards – a staggering 5000X the initial wager awaits those who dare to spin the reels.

As the sun rises over the farm, an array of thrilling possibilities comes to life. Among the diverse array of games, like the popular Fruit Party 2, the promise of hitting the jackpot looms tantalizingly. Yet, it’s not just about fortune; it’s about the exhilaration of embracing volatility at its zenith. The game dances between audacious highs and electrifying lows, painted against a backdrop that’s as vibrant as it is playful. Amidst this whimsical landscape, a farmer’s fantasy comes true – a fortuitous fowl with the Midas touch, a hen that lays the golden bounty.

Pause to consider the wondrous nature of hens – their astonishing ability to nurture an egg into existence within a mere 24 hours. The awe-inspiring tale of Harriet, a remarkable hen who etched her name in history back in 2010, is a testament to this marvel. Acknowledged for laying an egg of unprecedented proportions, three times the size of a standard egg, Harriet’s accomplishment stands as a testament to nature’s ingenious craftsmanship. Yet, let your imagination take flight. What if, perchance, these farmers stumbled upon a secret formula? A miraculous superfood, capable of transforming eggs into veritable orbs of gold… The narrative of Chicken Drop is a testament to endless possibilities, merging the ordinary with the extraordinary in a symphony of spins and surprises.

Embark on a whirlwind adventure through the captivating realms of Chicken Drop, a remarkable creation by Pragmatic Play that transcends traditional gaming boundaries. This dynamic video slot unfurls with 7 reels standing tall, accompanied by 7 rows that promise an immersive experience beyond compare. In your quest for triumph, the key lies in forging clusters of 5 or more matching symbols, nestled snugly within adjacent positions.

Choices abound in this enticing journey, allowing you to select between the alluring Min.bet of 0.20 and the daring Max.bet reaching up to 100. As the curtains lift, an RTP of 96.50% graces the stage by default, although the tides of fate might sway this number. Thus, a wise traveler heeds the counsel to consult their gaming guide before embarking on this captivating odyssey.

Nestled within this realm of heightened volatility lies a coveted prize – a colossal reward of up to 5000X the initial wager, shimmering like a golden beacon on the horizon of possibility. Yet, as explorers of uncharted realms, we’re bestowed with an arsenal of splendid features to navigate the seas of fortune. The Tumble feature, akin to cascading magic, paves new paths with each victorious alignment. The Progressive element, a thread of anticipation, weaves the narrative of greater conquests yet to come.

Hold tight for the Free Spins – a whirlwind dance with destiny, offering a chance to traverse the heavens on the wings of chance. And should impatience claim your spirit, the Bonus Buy looms as a shortcut to the heart of the action, for those who dare.

Chicken Drop beckons with its siren call, promising not just a game, but an immersive experience where strategy meets serendipity. The stage is set, the reels are ready – fortune favors the bold in this symphony of spins.

Chicken Drop Slot Information

Step into a whimsical world brought to life in the game’s design, a mesmerizing tapestry woven with the threads of a tranquil farm theme. Your quest, akin to seeking hidden treasures, revolves around the elusive golden eggs, each a potential boon awaiting discovery. The reels backdrop showcases an idyllic scene – a lush, green meadow sprawling beneath the gaze of a grandiose red barn, where the raucous crow of a rooster heralds the dawn.

For those in pursuit of mobile marvels, this slot stands as a beacon of choice. Versatility reigns supreme as it gracefully adapts to various devices – from the compact canvas of mobiles and notepads to the expansive vistas of desktop screens. The premise is deceptively simple: weave a tapestry of triumph by gathering 5 or more identical symbols, coalescing harmoniously within a cluster.

The symphony of rewards unfolds as symbols parade across the reels, each a harbinger of fortune’s touch. Hearts and spades, humble yet promising, serve as the lower paying symbols. Accumulate 37 or more of these unassuming tokens, and a treasure chest of 50X the bet unfolds before you.

Medium-paying symbols, a trinity of nature’s bounty – mushroom, nut, and corn cob – await their moment to shine. Gather 37 or more of these illustrious icons, and a lavish prize ranging from 100X to 250X the wager dances into your grasp.

But the true jewels lie within the highest echelons of this symphonic realm – the blueberry and the strawberry. A cluster of 37 or more of these luscious gems promises an opulent reward, casting a spell of 500X to 1000X the initial bet, a testament to the richness of nature’s embrace.

Yet, the symphony has its interludes, signaled by symbols of significance. An unopened treasure chest emerges as the scatter symbol, offering its bounteous gifts for those who land 4, 5, 6, or 7 of its kin – a crescendo of 3X, 5X, 20X, and 100X respectively, a salutation to the adventurers.

As the plot thickens, the golden watering can, an emblem of size expansion, steps forth, poised to magnify your journey. And the verdant four-leaf clover, guardian of multiplier enhancements, whispers promises of amplified rewards.

The stage is set, the cast is assembled. Anticipation ripples through the air as features come to life, each a curtain call for excitement, each a doorway to destiny. Step forth, intrepid explorer, for the symphony awaits, ready to orchestrate your gaming saga.

Chicken Drop Slot Features

What is the max win in the Chicken Drop slot? You can win up to 5000X the bet. What features are there in the slot Chicken Drop? The features are Tumble, Progressive, Free Spins and Bonus Buy.


When you spin the reels and land a winning cluster, the Tumble feature is activated. Then all the symbols that were part of this winning cluster will disappear from the reels and then new symbols will fall down that cover the empty positions. This continues as long as new winning combinations are created.


Embark on an enthralling journey through the Chicken Drop slot, where innovation and anticipation converge to rewrite the rules of excitement. Amidst the spinning reels and fleeting symbols, a dual constellation of possibilities emerges – the enigmatic Size Upgrade and the empowering Multiplier Upgrade, each a catalyst for thrilling transformations.

Picture this: as the reels twirl in their cosmic dance, an egg materializes, bearing the promise of metamorphosis. A Size Upgrade symbol graces the scene, and with every appearance, the egg evolves, unfurling its dimensions from 2X2 to 3X3, 4X4, 5X5, and finally blossoming into a majestic 6X6. As these eggs land, clusters of symbols align, igniting a symphony of fortune that reverberates across the reels.

But that’s not all. Enter the realm of the Multiplier Upgrade, a phoenix rising from the embers of chance. With each encounter, the multiplier unfurls its wings, from a humble 2X to a staggering 11X, casting a transformative spell upon the very fabric of your next egg drop. As symbols meld into clusters, this multiplier breathes life into your triumphs, propelling your rewards to unprecedented heights.

A delicate dance ensues, a ballet of eggs and upgrades that paints the reels with a tapestry of possibility. With every spin, every egg that graces the scene, the stage is set for an exquisite performance. The anticipation builds as symbols align, upgrades land, and the symphony of size and multiplier weaves a narrative of untold riches.

The Chicken Drop slot is not just a game; it’s a canvas where symbols and upgrades merge to create a masterpiece of excitement. As you take your place in this intricate choreography, remember that every spin holds the promise of transformation, of triumph, and of the unexpected. The stage is yours to command – let the reels spin, and let the magic unfold.

Step into the enchanting world of Chicken Drop, a captivating slot that whisks you away to a seemingly ordinary farm, only to reveal its extraordinary secrets as you spin across the 7×7 grid. As the reels spin, a mesmerizing dance of opportunity unfolds, weaving together clusters of winning symbols with a unique Tumble feature.

The spotlight shines brightest when the Free Spins feature graces the stage. Land 4 or more scatter symbols, and the curtain rises on a realm of free spins. A quartet of scatters ushers in 10 free spins, while five scatters summon 15, and six bestow a generous 20. This enchanted feature holds an enchanting surprise – the upgrade symbols wield a lasting impact, casting their influence throughout the round. The magic doesn’t end there, for after each Tumble, an egg drop is guaranteed, fostering an atmosphere of perpetual anticipation.

But for those who can’t wait, a shortcut to the crescendo exists – the Bonus Buy feature. For 100X the bet, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols usher in 10, 15, or 20 free spins respectively, thrusting you directly into the heart of the action.

As the final notes of this symphonic journey echo, the conclusion is clear: Chicken Drop is no ordinary slot. Within its digital borders lies a tranquil farm that harbors astonishing potential. The upgrade symbols – size and multiplier – reign supreme, crafting a narrative of unbridled excitement. Watch as eggs fall, symbols expand, and multipliers soar, each spin an ode to possibility. The RTP of 96.50% and the promise of a 5000X jackpot are the final notes in a melody that invites you to embrace the extraordinary, to journey beyond the mundane, and to savor every spin as a step toward triumph. Welcome to the farm where dreams hatch, and fortunes unfurl in the most unexpected of places.




Quick information

Overall 4
Title: Chicken Drop
Developer: Pragmatic Play
Reels: 7
Rows: 7
Paylines: 5
RTP: 96.5%
Hit Frequency: N/A
Max Win: 5000
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet:: €0.2/€100
Release Date: 29/07/2021

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