Money Cart Slot Review


Money Cart is another exciting addition to Relax Gaming’s slot portfolio, and it seems to offer a similar concept to Money Cart 2, which was specifically designed for the UK market to comply with regulations regarding bonus buys. It’s interesting to see how game developers adapt their games to different regulatory environments to ensure players can still enjoy the thrill of bonus features.

The idea of a lucrative train carriage adventure continues to be a captivating theme, and Money Cart appears to carry forward the excitement and action-packed gameplay that players enjoyed in Money Cart 2. The adjustments and conditions mentioned suggest that there might be unique twists or variations in this version, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging for players.

It’s always intriguing to see how game developers innovate and adapt to cater to various markets and player preferences. Money Cart seems to be a great option for players looking for thrilling bonus features and an opportunity to experience the excitement of buying bonuses in a regulated manner. Exploring the specifics of this slot’s gameplay and features will likely reveal more about what sets it apart from its predecessor.

Money Cart is an exciting video slot developed by Relax Gaming. It features a 5×4 grid layout, which can expand during the Re-spin feature, potentially reaching up to 7 reels. The game is centered around the Hold & Win mechanic, where players collect special symbols during the Re-spin feature to increase their total win and gain extra re-spins. The betting options in Money Cart are versatile, allowing players to place bets ranging from a minimum of 0.10 to a maximum of 500 credits per spin. One standout feature of this slot is its high return to player (RTP) rate of 98%, which is notably higher than the industry average. Money Cart offers a hit frequency of 12.5%, making it a medium to high volatility slot with the potential to win up to 2000 times the initial bet. The Re-spins feature is the key to chasing big wins in this adrenaline-pumping gaming experience.

Money Cart Slot Information

The western-themed design of Money Cart, set on a train filled with cash, adds an exciting and adventurous element to the gameplay. The attention to detail, such as swinging lanterns and a spinning windmill in the background, enhances the overall atmosphere and immerses players in the Wild West theme. The addition of atmospheric western music complements the theme nicely and helps set the mood for the game.

The unique feature of this slot, where you can only land purple scatter symbols or tumbleweeds during the base game, creates an interesting dynamic. It adds an element of anticipation, as players aim to land the scatter symbols to trigger the Re-spin feature.

The Re-spin feature, activated by landing 3 scatter symbols represented by a purple safe, introduces several special symbols like the Collector, Payer, Widener, Persistent Payer, and Persistent Collector. These symbols likely play a crucial role in enhancing the potential for significant wins and adding complexity to the gameplay.

Overall, Money Cart appears to be an engaging and visually appealing slot game that combines a captivating theme with innovative features. The Re-spin feature, along with its unique symbol mechanics, seems to be the highlight of this slot, promising exciting and potentially rewarding gameplay.

Money Cart Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Money Cart?

You can win up to 2000X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Money Cart?

The feature is the Re-spins feature.


The Re-spins feature in Money Cart brings an intriguing and dynamic aspect to the gameplay. When you activate this feature by landing 3 scatter symbols, you start with 3 re-spins, and the scatter symbols you had when activating it remain on the reels, each assigned a value between 1 to 10 coins.

The value of each coin is indicated on the left above the reels, making it easy for players to track the worth of their coins based on their bet. For instance, if your bet is €1, each coin is worth €0.1.

During the Re-spins feature, you have the potential to reset the re-spins to 3 by landing additional scatter symbols or special symbols, such as the Collector, Payer, Widener, Persistent Payer, or Persistent Collector. Each of these symbols has a unique effect on the gameplay:

  • Scatter symbol: Lands with a value between 1 to 10 coins.
  • Collector: Collects all values on the reels and adds them to itself.
  • Widener: Adds an extra reel, allowing for a maximum of 7 reels.
  • Payer: Adds its value to all other symbols on the reels.
  • Persistent Collector: Collects all values from all symbols after each new spin.
  • Persistent Payer: Adds its value to all symbols on the reels.

These symbols create a dynamic and potentially rewarding experience, as you strategically aim to accumulate and maximize the values on the reels while keeping an eye on the number of re-spins remaining. The ability to reset the re-spins adds to the excitement and the chance for bigger wins.

Money Cart Slot Conclusion

It’s evident that Money Cart offers a similar and intense gaming experience to Money Cart 2, particularly with its focus on the Re-spin feature. The increased hit frequency from 10.00% to 12.5% suggests that players may have more opportunities to trigger the bonus game, adding to the excitement of the gameplay.

The Hold & Win feature, which includes symbols like the Payer, Collector, Persistent Payer, Persistent Collector, and the new addition of the Widener symbol, seems to be the core of the game’s mechanics. These symbols likely play a significant role in driving potential wins and making the gameplay dynamic.

While Money Cart 2 had a higher maximum win potential at 5000X the bet, Money Cart offers a lower maximum win of 2000X the bet. However, the increased maximum bet of 500 allows for similar winning potential if players are willing to bet big. The adjustment in terms of using coins instead of multipliers may take a bit of getting used to, but with the converter, players can easily understand the value of their wins.

The lower volatility rating of 4 out of 5 and the high RTP of 98% are welcome features, making the game more accessible to a broader range of players and providing a good balance between potential wins and risk.

Overall, Money Cart appears to be an exciting addition to the Money Train series, offering an engaging Re-spin feature without the need for a bonus buy. While it may not match the maximum win potential of its predecessors, it still promises thrilling gameplay with a variety of special symbols. Players who enjoy the Re-spin mechanic are likely to find this slot appealing.


Quick information

Overall 4.7
Title: Money Cart
Developer: Relax Gaming
Reels: 5
Rows: 4
Paylines: 28
RTP: 98%
Hit Frequency: N/A
Max Win: 10.00
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet:: €0.1/€200
Release Date: 20/06/2021

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