More Turkey Slot Review


Introducing More Turkey, an innovative casino slot crafted by the visionary team at Big Time Gaming, renowned for pioneering the groundbreaking Megaways mechanic, where the reels dynamically shift their row count with each exhilarating spin. Big Time Gaming has a storied legacy of delivering titles characterized by stratospheric volatility and astonishing maximum payouts, exemplified by hits like Rasputin Megaways, which has the potential to bestow astonishing prizes of up to 63,000 times your initial wager. Remarkably, More Turkey marks a departure from Big Time Gaming’s previous offerings, as it ventures into the realm of avian-themed entertainment, inviting players to explore its captivating universe. While it shares a similar title structure, it should be noted that this game is not a direct sequel to any of the developer’s prior creations. Some astute players may draw comparisons to NetEnt’s turkey-inspired series, such as Wild Turkey Megaways, where these feathered creatures don the attire of Native Americans in a visually striking spectacle

Dive into the enchanting world of More Turkey, a mesmerizing video slot crafted by Big Time Gaming, featuring a dynamic reel configuration comprising six reels that seamlessly transition between 2 and 7 rows with each mesmerizing spin, granting you a staggering 117,649 pathways to unearth your fortunes, adorned with a plethora of symbols. The game invites both casual and high-rolling players, with a minimum bet of 0.2 and a maximum wager of 40. Engage in the Bonus Buy feature to elevate your gaming experience, which subtly enhances the default RTP, oscillating between 96.30% to 96.42% to a range of 96.31% to 96.54%. Additionally, an alternative version beckons with an RTP spectrum spanning from 95.68% to 95.90%. This title is renowned for its formidable volatility, offering players an opportunity to chase after the grand prize, an awe-inspiring 24,236 times their initial wager.

Amidst the whimsical backdrop of turkeys frolicking throughout the game, be sure not to overlook the enticing array of features at your disposal, including Reactions, Wild Symbols, Free Spins Gamble, Free Spins, and the enticing Bonus Buy option

More Turkey Slot Information

Within the realm of Free Spins in More Turkey, a remarkable win multiplier emerges as a game-changer, casting its enchanting spell upon all victorious outcomes. This multiplier embarks on its journey at a modest 1X, serving as the foundation for your potential fortune. However, its magic lies in its ability to evolve, adding an additional point for each subsequent winning reaction. There exists no bound or confinement to the expanse of its growth, allowing it to soar to heights beyond imagination. The boundless nature of this multiplier promises players a voyage into uncharted territory, where rewards can reach unprecedented dimensions.

Furthermore, the Free Spins feature harbors hidden treasures that await discovery. The arrival of three Scatters amidst the Free Spins spectacle bestows upon you an extra boon – four additional spins to extend your pursuit of riches. Yet, the game’s generosity knows no bounds, for should fortune favor you with the appearance of four Scatters, a bountiful reward of eight extra spins awaits, amplifying the potential for prosperity within this captivating slot adventure.

More Turkey Slot Features
With every triumphant spin, a mesmerizing dance of transformation ensues. The symbols that usher in victory gracefully fade into obscurity, making way for a fresh ensemble of symbols to take the stage upon the reels. Yet, the magic doesn’t end there; if your fortune allows for the creation of yet another winning combination within this rejuvenated grid, those symbols of triumph, too, gracefully retreat into the shadows. This enchanting cycle of reactions persists and unfolds like a harmonious symphony, weaving its melodious notes as long as new victories emerge, all intricately connected within the confines of a single, captivating spin.

In the tapestry of symbols, the Wild Symbol emerges as a vibrant and lively character, embodied by a resplendent turkey adorned with a kaleidoscope of colors, a mesmerizing rainbow unfurling from its tail. This majestic symbol possesses an air of exclusivity, gracing only the topmost reel of the game’s landscape. Its role is nothing short of enchanting; it steps into the limelight as a versatile chameleon, assuming the guise of all standard symbols to orchestrate winning combinations, igniting the spark of fortune with every substitution.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol in More Turkey takes on the form of a vibrant turkey, its plumage awash with a mesmerizing array of colors, culminating in a captivating rainbow-hued tail that unfurls with grace. However, this splendid avian icon chooses its stage with precision, gracing only the uppermost reel of the game’s tapestry. Its role, akin to a masterful conductor, is to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, seamlessly stepping in as a substitute for all standard symbols, thus orchestrating symphonies of winning combinations that resonate throughout your gaming adventure.

Free Spins Gamble

The Gamble feature introduces a thrilling wheel of fate, teetering on a 50/50 precipice between winning four extra spins and forfeiting the eight you currently possess. Should you emerge victorious, the gamble persists, enabling you to risk your twelve spins with a 60 percent chance of triumph. Progressing further, the potential for sixteen spins emerges, and eventually, twenty-four, each punctuated by the tantalizing allure of a 60 percent chance of success. Failing at the sixteen-spin mark initiates the Free Spins with eight, while a stumble at the twenty-spin juncture ushers in the Free Spins feature with twelve spins. Victory in the Gamble feature culminates in the coveted twenty-four spins.

Free Spins
As the Free Spins ensue, the enchanting allure of a multiplying win multiplier takes center stage. It commences at a humble 1X and steadily escalates with each victorious reaction, unfettered by an upper limit, offering boundless potential. Moreover, the discovery of three Scatters during Free Spins merits an additional four spins, with the potential to secure eight extra spins when graced by four Scatters.

Bonus Buy
Unlocking the Free Spins feature is a journey well worth the investment, requiring a modest tribute of 40 times your initial wager. This gateway to boundless possibilities beckons you to embark on a thrilling adventure within More Turkey, promising a cornucopia of excitement and rewards as you step into its captivating world.

More Turkey Slot Conclusion

More Turkey invites players into an enchanting autumn-themed realm adorned with a whimsical infusion of turkey-inspired symbols, offering a distinctive twist on the traditional slot experience. With its innovative Megaways mechanic, soaring volatility, and the tantalizing prospect of seizing a monumental 24,236X maximum win, it promises an exhilarating gaming odyssey.

Delve into a treasure trove of captivating features that are bound to captivate and entertain, delivering hours of excitement to avid players. However, if you’ve ventured into the Megaways landscape before, you may find a sense of familiarity. Yet, don’t let this familiarity dull your anticipation, for within More Turkey’s intricate tapestry lies the allure of the Reactions feature, where triumphant symbols vanish into thin air, only to be replaced by a fresh ensemble of icons, each spin brimming with the potential for consecutive victories. These triumphant sequences bear fruit in the Free Spins round, where a win multiplier takes center stage, increasing by a single unit with each triumphant turn of the reels, promising an escalating cascade of fortunes.

For the daring souls and the boldest of gamblers, the Free Spins Gamble feature emerges as the ultimate test of nerve. It beckons those willing to risk it all, offering a tantalizing opportunity to relinquish their initial free spins for a shot at even greater rewards. The pulsating anticipation and exhilaration of this gamble mirror the heart-pounding excitement of the actual Free Spins feature, and it’s an invitation worth considering if you dare. Why not take a spin and embark on a quest to feast upon remarkable prizes?

More Turkey, a creation by Big Time Gaming, is a world populated by zany avian characters and promises a mind-boggling maximum win of over 24,000 times your initial bet, setting the stage for a truly extraordinary gaming escapade that promises a feathered frenzy of rewards and excitement.


Quick information

Overall 4.2
Title: More Turkey
Developer: Big Time Gaming
Reels: 6
Rows: 2-7
Paylines: 117649
RTP: 96.3%
Hit Frequency: N/A
Max Win: 24.236
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet:: €0.2/€40
Release Date: 04/10/2023

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