Twilight Princess Slot Review


Twilight Princess Slot

Introducing Twilight Princess, the latest addition to Pragmatic Play’s array of casino slots. This captivating game showcases a manga-style protagonist reminiscent of the renowned character in the developer’s Starlight Princess title. Unlike its counterpart, Twilight Princess distinguishes itself by not incorporating the Tumbling Wins feature. Rather, it embraces a distinct approach to crafting wins. To secure a triumphant arrangement, one simply requires a sequence of five identical symbols linked either horizontally or vertically.

Echoing its predecessor, the princess graces the gameplay, positioned beside the spinning reels. Her presence is accompanied by the enchanting wave of her magical wand, which seamlessly integrates an array of delightful attributes. Among these are the Wild Symbols, which emerge bearing multipliers scaling up to an impressive 10X. Additionally, the game encompasses the Free Spins feature, wherein Wilds retain their positions throughout the entirety of this engaging phase.

The celestial realm hosts a configuration of five reels within the casino slot’s interface. Within the base game, Twilight Princess, developed by Pragmatic Play, unveils its structure comprising 5 reels and 5 rows. Here, an innovative cluster pay system dispenses rewards for formations consisting of five or more symbols interconnected either horizontally or vertically. As for wagers, players can engage with a minimum bet of 0.2 units, while those seeking a more exhilarating stake can opt for an even 100 units. Notably, the default RTP for Twilight Princess stands at 96.08%. However, this marginally adjusts to 96.01% within the Bonus Buy feature. For players seeking varied odds, alternative versions are accessible, offering RTPs of 95.08% and 94%.

The game’s dynamic attributes are complemented by its high volatility, contributing to an electrifying gameplay experience. Impressively, a monumental maximum win of 7,500 times the initial bet tantalizingly materializes once in every 2.77 million spins. On average, wins grace the spinscape approximately every fourth attempt, with a hit frequency of 25%. Not to be overlooked, the Free Spins feature is activated once in every 200 spins, heightening the anticipation of each gaming session.

Within the realm of Twilight Princess, the illustrated princess herself unveils an array of captivating elements. These include the ever-enigmatic Wild Symbol, the enthralling Free Spins feature, and the tantalizing Bonus Buy option, all seamlessly woven into the fabric of this gaming masterpiece.

Twilight Princess Slot Information

Embarking on Twilight Princess, one is transported into an expanse of cerulean skies adorned with scattered ivory clouds, reminiscent of the setting gracing Starlight Princess. The enigmatic red-haired protagonist, wielding a magical wand and clad in an ivory gown, has seamlessly transformed into a blonde damsel donning a resplendent white dress, still armed with her mystical wand. This transformation exudes an uncanny resemblance to the iconic Japanese superheroine, none other than Usagi Tsukino, renowned as Sailor Moon. This embodiment pays homage to the original, retaining its distinctive allure.

The game unfolds against a backdrop of reels adorned with a semi-translucent azure hue. Poised adjacent to this array is the game’s emblem, an emblematic touch on the leftmost side. To claim victory, the key is simple – a cluster of no fewer than 5 identical symbols, harmoniously aligned horizontally and/or vertically, anywhere across the reels. The allure of Twilight Princess extends beyond conventional platforms, extending its accessibility to mobile devices and other digital conduits, thereby embracing modernity.

Within this ethereal expanse, a cast of 10 regular symbols beckons, effortlessly maneuvered by a dynamic Wild Symbol primed to assume multiple roles. Acting as a seamless substitute, the Wild Symbol seamlessly steps into the shoes of its counterparts within the Twilight Princess universe. Additionally, a Scatter Symbol emerges as a pivotal player, instigating the cascade of Free Spins. The constellation of symbols encompasses 5 geometric figures constituting the lower echelons. The circle, triangle, square, hexagon, and heart collectively offer rewards ranging between 7.5X and 12.5X the initial wager, upon the culmination of a triumph comprising 20 or more symbols.

Elevating the stakes, a realm of higher-paying symbols assumes the stage, each imbued with its unique significance. The shield, an emblem of defense, harmonizes with the flower, bell, crown, and the principal female character. Emanating strength and grandeur, this assortment of symbols graciously bestows rewards oscillating between 15X and 50X the initial bet. An accomplishment marked by the alignment of 20 or more symbols signifies the threshold of success, an eventuality that promises both glory and riches within the enchanting realm of Twilight Princess Slot.

Twilight Princess Slot Features

Unlocking Twilight Princess Riches

Unveil the pinnacle of triumph in Twilight Princess Slot, where fortunes can ascend to an impressive 7,500 times the initial bet.

Venture further and encounter a trio of enchantments: the Wild Symbol, Free Spins, and the Bonus Buy feature.

Wild Symbol

Graceful and Alluring, the Pink Gemstone takes on the role of the Wild Symbol, embellished with a delicate ribbon. In its mystical dance across the reels, it effortlessly weaves its power by replacing all ordinary-paying symbols, thus sculpting pathways to victory. An intriguing caveat lies within its interactions – while the Scatter Symbol remains impervious to its influence, the Wild Symbol unfurls its potential as a harbinger of multipliers.

Within its grasp lie multipliers ranging from 2X, 3X, 5X, to an awe-inspiring 10X, each a pivotal factor in the symphony of wins. As the reels align, the Wild Symbol bestows its multiplier upon each successful combination it graces. Yet, when a multitude of Wilds converge within a triumphant embrace, their multipliers unite, propelling the potential for grandeur to even greater heights.

Free Spins

Embark on an exhilarating journey as you encounter the enigmatic Scatter Symbol, manifested in the form of a fiery fireball. The mystical dance of this symbol across the reels offers a gateway to fortunes beyond imagination.

Secure 3, 4, or 5 Scatter Symbols in your grasp and be rewarded with a bounty of 10 Free Spins, along with a sumptuous cash prize. The magnitude of this reward escalates with each symbol: 2X, 15X, or an astonishing 100X the original bet. Within this captivating feature, every Wild Symbol that graces the reels bestows an enduring gift – it becomes sticky, an unwavering companion throughout the entirety of the Free Spins.

The Scatter Symbol, an entity of boundless potential, unfurls its presence even atop other symbols during the Free Spins. As your voyage progresses, the opportunity to relive the magic arises with the reappearance of 2, 3, 4, or 5 Scatters, ushering in an encore of 5, 10, 20, or even 30 additional spins.

This enchanting escapade concludes its harmonious crescendo under two circumstances: when the tapestry of spins unfurls its final thread, or when the apex of victory, a prodigious 7,500 times the initial bet, is attained.

Bonus Buy

Embark on an intriguing proposition within Twilight Princess Slot. For a stake of 100X the bet, a gateway to Free Spins materializes, offering a spin brimming with promise. Within this unique spin, the assurance of success beckons, with no fewer than 3 Scatter Symbols guaranteed to grace the reels.

Twilight Princess Slot Conclusion

Twilight Princess unfurls a spellbinding adventure, a symphony of enchantment and allure that beckons players into a world brimming with magic. Infused with the captivating aesthetics of manga, the game weaves a fresh narrative into the fabric of traditional slot gameplay, crafting a distinctive realm of its own within the realm of Starlight Princess.

Diverging from its predecessor, Twilight Princess embraces a unique trajectory, eschewing the reliance on Tumbling Wins. As the ethereal princess graces the scene, her presence invokes an array of remarkable mechanics. Foremost among these are the Wild Symbols, each adorned with multipliers spanning from 2X to an astonishing 10X. With each appearance, they infuse the realm of wins with a surge of excitement, elevating each victorious combination to new heights.

The heart of Twilight Princess beats resoundingly within its Free Spins realm, an arena where Wilds become steadfast companions, remaining affixed to the screen throughout the entirety of the exhilarating journey. Guiding the path to this realm is the Scatter Symbol, an embodiment of luminosity in the form of a celestial fireball. Its touch not only grants access to Free Spins but also bestows the privilege of cash prizes that ascend to an awe-inspiring 100 times the original bet.

In the realm crafted by Pragmatic Play, Twilight Princess beckons, her blonde allure and magical wand becoming conduits that transport players to a dimension where wins are as awe-inducing as they are rewarding. Prepare to traverse a landscape where magic intertwines with fortune, where each spin unfurls a tapestry of wonder and prosperity.


Quick information

Overall 4
Title: Twilight Princess
Developer: Pragmatic Play
Reels: 5
Rows: 5
Paylines: 5
RTP: 96.08%
Hit Frequency: 25%
Max Win: 7.500
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet:: €0.2/€100
Release Date: 02/10/2023

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