Butterfly Charms Slot Review


Butterfly Charms: An Enchanting Adventure Introducing Butterfly Charms, a captivating casino slot crafted by Booming Games, steeped in an enchanting elf-themed narrative that whisks players away to the heart of an otherworldly forest realm. Central to this tale is the lady elf, a figure bedecked in mystique, gracing the reels with high-paying symbols and an array of dynamic wild features. The concept of the elf, a supernatural entity, traces its origins to medieval Germanic folklore. In Swedish mythos, elves manifested as alluring women dwelling in sylvan havens under the rule of an elven king. This timeless motif continues to thrive within popular culture, with perhaps the most renowned portrayal appearing in J.R.R. Tolkien’s iconic “The Lord of the Rings.”

Base game

Butterfly Charms: Unveiling Enchanted Riches Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Butterfly Charms, a captivating video slot creation by Booming Games. With its 5 reels adorned by 4 rows and accompanied by 30 paylines, this game sets the stage for a truly magical experience. Players are granted the freedom to tailor their wagers, with the option to place bets ranging from a modest minimum of 0.30 credits to an exhilarating maximum of 72 credits. Anchored by an RTP of 95.5%, the game strikes a balance between medium and high volatility, offering the potential for substantial wins that can reach up to an impressive 6500 times the initial bet.

As you embark on this thrilling slot game adventure, prepare to be captivated by a variety of exciting features meticulously woven into the gameplay, each offering a chance to chase and capture significant rewards. The roster of features is as enchanting as the game’s theme itself, including the Wild Symbol, Stacked Symbols, Random Wilds, Re-Spin Wilds, Multiplier Wilds, and the coveted Free Spins feature. These elements work harmoniously to enhance the anticipation and excitement, as you explore the enchanted forest in pursuit of your own charming victories.

Butterfly Charms Slot Information

In the heart of Butterfly Charms, an elf-inspired wonderland unfolds. A forest path beckons, leading to a verdant realm where thick trees form a lush cocoon around the reels, casting a mystical aura. Positioned at the center, the reels reveal their treasures, while above them, three wild features dance beside the Buy Bonus allure on the left. Be it mobile, desktop, or notepad, Butterfly Charms enchants across devices.

Craft your fortune by uniting 3 or more symbols on adjacent reels, commencing from the leftmost. Buttons, including the spin, grace the right side. Encounter a chromatic spectrum in symbols: blue, green, orange, and red, emblematic of modest gains, while the elite tier boasts the larva, ladybug, male elf, and elf lady, promising grander fortunes. Witness the flutter of wild symbols – light blue, golden, and purple butterflies – each an emblem of potential. The Scatter, “Butterfly Charms,” heralds features yet unveiled. The story of Butterfly Charms awaits, eager to unfurl its riches.

Butterfly Charms Slot Features

What is the maximum win potential in Butterfly Charms?

Unveiling its charm, Butterfly Charms offers a tantalizing maximum win of 6500 times the initial bet.

What gameplay features embellish Butterfly Charms?

Fluttering with excitement, Butterfly Charms introduces a bouquet of captivating features, including the elusive Wild Symbol, the spontaneous appearance of Random Wilds, the exhilarating Re-Spin Wilds, the multiplier magic of Multiplier Wilds, the allure of Stacked Symbols, and the coveted Free Spins, each contributing to an

Wild Symbols

As the enigmatic Wild symbol graces the reels, it ushers in a realm of opportunity. This symbol possesses the remarkable ability to stand in for any other symbol, barring the Scatter Symbol. Its presence is a key to unlocking more winning combinations, painting the gameplay with potential and excitement.

Random Wilds

A Spontaneous Delight Embracing spontaneity, the Random Wilds feature materializes unpredictably both in the base game and Free Spins. Like stardust falling from the heavens, a random assortment of Wild Symbols graces the reels during a spin. In the base game, they don the mantle of Re-Spins Wilds, while in Free Spins, they wear the dual garb of Re-Spins Wilds and Multiplier Wilds, unveiling a dynamic progression.

Re-spin Wilds

A Dance of Persistence Enveloping the reels in their magic, the Re-Spin Wilds emerge as a transformative force. These symbols, once arrived, clasp themselves and fellow Wild Symbols onto the reels, unveiling a Re-Spin as a reward. A realm of perpetual spins opens up, offering players the chance to relish more Re-Spins. Re-Spin Wilds Symbols make their grand entrance during the Random Wild Feature or amid a Re-Spin, bestowing the gift of extended gameplay.

Multiplier Wilds

Elevating the Wins In the heart of Free Spins, the Multiplier Wilds emerge as game-changers, contributing to a crescendo of excitement. During the Random Wilds feature or within Free Spins granted by Re-Spin Wilds, the Multiplier Wild takes center stage. Embellished with multiplier values of 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X, it weaves a tapestry of potential riches. Should 2 or more Multiplier Wild symbols grace a winning payline, their multiplier values harmonize, creating a symphony of amplified rewards.

Prepare to be swept away by these dynamic features, where spontaneity, persistence, and elevation combine to orchestrate an enchanting gameplay experience in Butterfly Charms.

Stacked Symbols

Symbols in Butterfly Charms dance in harmony, intertwining their magic in stacks of 2, 3, or 4. These symbols, like mystical partners, can elegantly veil a portion or even entirety of the reels, unveiling a world of possibilities in every spin.

Free Spins

When the stars align and 3 or more scatter symbols grace the reels, a symphony of delight unfolds – the Free Spin Feature comes alive. The doors open to a realm of opportunity, welcoming you with 8 Free Spins. Should luck favor you with 4 Scatters, a bountiful offering of 10 Free Spins emerges, while the presence of 5 Scatters ushers in a captivating chorus of 12 Free Spins.

Yet, the Scatter Symbol holds more than mere gateway charm. It bestows direct rewards, with its own vibrant payouts:

  • 5 Scatters = 20X
  • 4 Scatters = 5X
  • 3 Scatters = 1X

Within the enchanting embrace of Free Spins, the realm of possibilities expands. All Wild Features – from the enchanting Multiplier Wilds to the captivating Re-Spin Wilds – dance across the reels. Every spin becomes a canvas for potential, and the allure of rewards knows no bounds.

Bonus Buy

Instant Free Spins await through the bonus buy option at a cost of 70X. Gain immediate access to 8 Free Spins, with the chance to unlock more through Re-Spin Wilds.

Butterfly Charms Slot Conclusion

Embark on a fairy-tale journey into an enchanted forest, where the elven king and queen await your presence. Butterfly Charms, a creation by Booming Games, exudes the provider’s signature straightforward allure. The visuals are a masterpiece, evoking a delightful ambiance that envelops players in an enjoyable slot experience. Booming Games’ knack for blending pleasing visuals with limited yet captivating features is evident, akin to titles like Piñata Wildz. While both games share graphics and RTP, Butterfly Charms boasts a significantly higher max win of 6500X, well-suited to its medium/high volatility nature.

Central to the gameplay is the bonus game, a core element in any slot’s allure. Butterfly Charms shines here with its trio of Wild features, each adding a unique twist. The Multiplier Wild, exclusively gracing Free Spins, infuses a thrilling edge, multiplying winnings and edging you closer to the impressive 6500X max win. The gameplay is a symphony of transformation, respins, and multipliers – elements that elevate the experience.

With an impressive design and a theme that captivates, Butterfly Charms beckons players to stay a while. It’s a game where the Wild Symbols wield transformative powers, turning each spin into an adventure. In the realm of Butterfly Charms, an enjoyable theme intertwines with a max win potential of 6500X the bet, promising an enchanting journey for all who dare to spin the reels.


Quick information

Overall 4
Title: Butterfly Charms
Developer: Booming Games
Reels: 5
Rows: 4
Paylines: 30
RTP: 95.5%
Hit Frequency: N/A
Max Win: 6500
Volatility: Mid-High
Min/Max Bet:: €0.3/€72
Release Date: 27/07/2023

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