Serial Slot Review


Serial, the spine-chilling creation from the sinister minds at NoLimit City, plunges players into a heart-pounding world where a relentless serial killer, the dreaded Bodycam Butcher, holds sway. With his ghastly skin mask and menacing chainsaw, he evokes memories of the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre character that has haunted our nightmares for generations. Interestingly, the character’s genesis was shrouded in claims of being based on a true story, a clever ploy to fuel anticipation around the game. Many still believe that the gruesome events depicted in the game actually occurred. However, the inspiration behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series can be traced back to the real-life horrors perpetrated by individuals like Gein and Henley.

In their signature fashion, NoLimit City has once again conjured up a game that oozes with unsettling elements, reminiscent of their previous slot, Mental. While Serial features several familiar X mechanics, it also introduces a spine-tingling new mechanic known as xBizzare. This eerie mechanic comes into play when you’ve achieved wins exceeding 18700X, offering a daring 50/50 chance to double your winnings up to three times.

Let’s delve into the stats and features of this hair-raising game:

Serial is a video slot that unfolds across 5 reels with a unique row setup of 5-7-7-7-5 from the outset. However, brace yourself for twists and turns as various features can drastically alter the row configuration during your spins. Betting options range from a Min. bet of 0.20 to a Max. bet of 100, but with the assistance of the xBet feature, you can push the envelope further, maxing out at 120. NoLimit City has crafted Serial with three distinct RTPs. By default, it stands at 96.07%, yet gaming operators have the flexibility to opt for lower RTP settings of either 94.08% or 92.05%. The game boasts a hit frequency of 27.59% and promises high volatility, where daring players can potentially seize wins of up to a mind-boggling 74800X their initial wager. On average, expect to hit the jackpot once in every 12 million rounds, with the game’s enticing free spins feature triggered approximately once every 243 spins.

In this pulse-pounding adventure, a variety of features await to aid you in your quest for colossal winnings. These include the intriguing Enhancer Cells, the game-altering Respin, the unpredictable xSplit Wild, the mysterious xWays and infectious Infectious xWays, the high-stakes xBet, the relentless The Search, the harrowing The Kill, the enigmatic xBizzare, and the opportunity to shortcut to thrills with the Bonus Buy feature. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride through the darkest recesses of Serial’s spine-chilling world.

Serial Slot Information

In this spine-chilling game design, Serial plunges players into the terrifying world of a relentless serial killer, immersing them in the very crime scenes that have left a trail of fear. As you spin the reels, the backdrop reveals a gruesome, blood-soaked bathroom, setting the stage for a macabre gaming experience. On the reels themselves, a sinister assortment of murder weapons, tenacious murder investigators, and the menacing leather-faced serial killer himself await. The game is accessible on a variety of devices, including notepads, desktops, and mobiles, allowing players to delve into the darkness wherever they choose.

To carve out a winning combination, you’ll need to land 3 or more of the same symbol type on adjacent reels, commencing from the far-left reel.

The symbols that form the lower-paying tier of the paytable encompass eerie murder tools such as a helmet, shovel, gloves, a chainsaw chain, and a log lifter. Aligning 5 of these symbols of the same kind will yield payouts ranging from 0.5X to 0.9X your initial bet.

In contrast, the higher-paying symbols are far more spine-tingling. They include chilling depictions of human bones, a terrified woman, a self-proclaimed doctor, a relentless homicide detective, and, of course, the bone-chilling serial killer himself. Land 5 identical symbols of this kind, and you’ll be rewarded with payouts ranging from 1X to 5X your wager.

Watch out for the girl within the missing sign, which serves as the game’s scatter symbol. During your spins, you may also encounter a variety of other symbols, including the xSplit, xWays, xNudge, and standard wild symbols. These symbols hold the key to unlocking the game’s spine-tingling features, adding an extra layer of suspense to your gameplay.

Serial Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Serial?

You can win up to 74800X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Serial?

The features are Enhancer Cells, Respin, xSplit Wild, xNudge Wild, xWays and Infectious xWays, xBet, The Search, The Kill, xBizzare and Bonus Buy.

Enhancer Cells

When you start spinning the reels you have a 5-7-7-7-5-reel setup, where only 3-3-3-3-3 are unlocked. When you spin the reels and create a win, the winning symbols will be locked in their position while the other positions respins. If you manage to extend a win, you will receive another respin and this will continue as long as new wins are created. When you create a respin, two Enhancer cells will be unlocked, where they can give xWays, xNudge Wild, Wild or Character symbols.

xWays = This will show 2 to 4 of the same symbol type and if you land more xWays at the same time, they will all show the same random symbol type.

xNudge Wild = This is a stacked wild that will nudge down to become fully visible. Each nudge that occurs will increase its multiplier by 1X, where it starts at 1X.

Wild = This is a normal wild and it helps to create more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols, except for the scatter symbols.

Character symbols = You can land any of the higher paying symbols within the Enhancer cells.


When you create a win, the winning symbols will remain on the reels, where you then will respin the other positions. If you manage to improve the win, you will receive a new respin and this will continue as long as you improve the win. For each respin that occurs, the bottom and top Enhancer cells will open up one reel at a time from left to right.

xSplit Wild

During your spins you can land an xSplit Wild on the last reel, which has a 2X multiplier and will split all symbols to the left same rows into 2 symbols. In addition to splitting normal paying symbols, it can also split scatter, xNudge and xWays symbols.

xNudge Wild

When you land an xNudge Wild, it will always nudge down to fully cover its reel, with each nudge increasing its multiplier by 1X. They can only land on the reels 2, 3 and 4, and if you split this symbol, its multiplier is doubled.

xWays & Infectious xWays

In the twisted world of Serial, the enigmatic xWays symbols are a rare find, and you can only encounter them within the mysterious Enhancer cells or witness their transformation from a scatter symbol. The latter occurs when you’re fortunate enough to land 2 scatter symbols simultaneously on the reels. These elusive xWays symbols hold a special power: each one reveals 2 to 4 identical randomly selected symbols. It’s a tantalizing twist that can lead to thrilling combinations and massive wins.

But that’s not all. Brace yourself for the spine-tingling Infectious xWays feature. When this malevolent symbol emerges, it infects all instances of the same symbol type within the 3-3-3-3-3-reel configuration, causing them to expand, filling the reels with that chosen symbol. It’s a contagious phenomenon that can turn a routine spin into a heart-pounding spectacle of potential wins.


You can activate the xBet feature by paying 20% extra of your bet size and this will then guarantee you to land a scatter symbol on the second reel on every spin.

The Search

If you land 3 scatter symbols, then The Search bonus game is activated, and you are welcomed with free spins based on the total showing value of these scatter symbols. You will then get extra Enhancer cells on the reels 2, 3 and 4 giving you a 3-5-5-5-3-reel setup. If you land an xSplit symbol, you will receive 2 extra free spins and then The Kill bonus game will be activated.

The Kill

If you land 3 scatter symbols at the same time as 1 xSplit symbol, then The Kill bonus game is activated. This has the same properties as The Search and in addition, the xSplit symbol will turn into a jumping wild on reel 5.


Prepare for heart-pounding excitement in Serial! While spinning the reels, you have the chance to claim wins of up to 18700X your initial bet. But here’s where the real thrill kicks in: when you achieve a win of 18700X or higher, the heart-stopping xBizzare feature comes to life, offering you the tantalizing opportunity to escalate your winnings even further.

In this daring game of chance, you’ll face a 50/50 proposition: either multiply your win by an additional 18700X or walk away with your current winnings. The catch is that you have three attempts to make the right choice. If you successfully navigate this nerve-wracking gamble and make three correct choices, you’ll claim the game’s ultimate jackpot, a staggering 74800X your initial bet. However, if luck isn’t on your side and you make an incorrect choice, you’ll receive the winnings you’ve amassed up to that point. It’s a high-stakes decision that can turn your gameplay into an unforgettable rollercoaster of suspense and rewards. Will you seize the ultimate win, or will you play it safe? The choice is yours in this gripping game of chance.

Bonus Buy

You can use the bonus buy feature if you want to take advantage of any of the bonus games right away. You can choose from the following options:

78X = You activate the bonus game The Search, where the maximum bet size is €100 and the RTP is 96.27%.

480X = You activate the bonus game The Kill, where the maximum bet size is €18 and the RTP is 96.38%.

279X = You have a 70% chance to activate The Search and a 30% chance to activate The Kill, where the maximum bet size is €32 and the RTP is 96.38%.

Serial Slot Conclusion

When it comes to a game crafted by Nolimit City, you’d best strap on those high-quality headphones and crank up the volume. Once again, they’ve outdone themselves in the audio department, delivering a soundtrack and sound effects that are nothing short of extraordinary. Expect deep bass, dark, haunting melodies that blend seamlessly, creating an auditory experience that’s the icing on the cake for this game. The visual aesthetics thrust you into a blood-soaked crime scene, reminiscent of their earlier creation, Mental. It’s an eerie ambiance that’ll have you perched on the edge of your seat with every spin. If you’re a player who typically gravitates toward slots adorned with vibrant colors, fruity motifs, and candyland themes, this crime scene may not be your cup of tea. However, for those daring souls who stay, get ready for an unforgettable gaming journey.

Much like a trick-or-treater’s candy bag brimming with treats, this game is packed with a delectable assortment of features. Here, you’ll encounter some familiar faces like xSplit, xNudge, xBet, and good ol’ Wilds, which seamlessly intertwine with the game’s exhilarating respin feature. If you’ve played the classic hits Jack Hammer and Jack Hammer 2, you’re in for a delightful surprise. The respin feature in Serial draws inspiration from a similar concept, where a win triggers a respin, potentially expanding your winnings significantly. To add an extra layer of excitement to this respin experience, you can also harness the power of Enhancer cells.

But the real star of the show here is the brand-new xBizzare feature. It’s a high-stakes gamble where players can opt for thrilling 50/50 wagers that could lead to an awe-inspiring maximum win of 74800X your initial bet. However, here’s the catch: this option becomes available only after you’ve achieved a remarkable 18700X win, and it takes three successful gambles to reach that colossal maximum payout. It’s a nerve-wracking journey, and the anticipation of landing that first maximum win is bound to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Much like the meticulous planning of the Professor in La Casa de Papel, Nolimit City demonstrates the importance of every element playing a pivotal role. With the right composition, a masterpiece like Serial can come to life.

Serial stands as a testament to why Nolimit City is a heavyweight in the game provider arena, consistently delivering top-tier experiences that place them among the industry’s finest.


Quick information

Overall 4.8
Title: Serial
Developer: Nolimit City
Reels: 5
Rows: 5
Paylines: 775
RTP: 96.07%
Hit Frequency: 27.59
Max Win: 74800
Volatility: High
Min/Max Bet:: €0.2/€120
Release Date: 08/11/2022

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